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5/05/05- Hey people finally got a page up and moving crazy huh! anyways well not much news for now my demo is in progress and im hoping to have it out and moving by the 2nd week of june. Ill keep posting more info along with dates that it will be available or if someting more exciting happens!-H.B

5/11/05- grr this page is lame i wish i knew HTML codes to make it sweet! nothing going on really oh but i did get software and im mixing my demo so thats good news righ? okie dokie later

5/12/05 dudes! i so have a message board now hey this is getting better each day n e ways ill put the links on the links page have fun

5/16/05 ha! i so moved into my own place this past weekend it totally rox my socks i adore every inch of my pad fo'sure. still working on my demo im getting closer im working on a new song ill post the lyrics on a lyrics page that will be on the site soon. my jobs moving to Valencia(magic mountian area) im moving into marketing which i find to be cool more pay but still that a shitty driving u know okie dokie gotta run much ruvs!


5/18/05- ugh im so beat i need sleep and i havent gotten any at all school work eat cry breathe and repeat lol n e ways im having some issues with my computers program to mix my demo but im going to still shoot for the 2nd week of june but it may be the 3rd week finals are the 2nd week ok now i feel like this site is so just for me being bored no one has looked at it and no one has signed on to the message board come on people make me feel a lil better

have you signed the guestbook yet homies!


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