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Born on march 29th 1985 (yes im a baby grr)in a small hippie town in north cali (Santa rosa). I was raised by many amazing people and my creative mind began wandering.Years later I found my self picking up the guitar and creating music. in earily 2002 i played with the band   G iS uS. After departing from the band in late 2003 I started working on my own music a completely differant taste from the music I was playing before. My influences have been a wide verity ranging from tegan and sara to ani defranco to duncan shiek and many other alternative musicans. in earily 2005 I realized it was now or never to start making a differance in my music . Im nervous about my first solo demo but im confident it will be differant and unique from many things. I mixed, recorded, performed, and created the WHOLE cd. Cover to cover and through and through. I havent thought about actually performing live yet but as I get feed back from the demo Ill think more about performing live.(hint hint tell me your thoughts) Working fulltime and going to school 4 days a week and working on my demo hasnt been a walk in the park but Im happy so far with the out come and Im extremly excited about my first release! Im currently seeking other musicans to creat  band with email me if your interested no previous band experience is ok!


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